KOSMEK SWR Animation Video

KOSMEK Robotic Tool Changer (PAT) – Zero Backlash – Endless Possibilities – payloads 0,5kg – 360kg

The world’s only robotic hand changer with zero backlash technology.

High-accuracy Robotic Hand Changer enables multiple functions of robots and setup time reduction.

It enhances the productivity of automated production line.

It prevents core deflection and chattering due to the work load and enhances productivity! Even after 1 million cycles, repeatability 3μm ( 0,003mm ) is maintained. Self-locking function prevents tools from falling. Lightweight and compact, suitable for robotic hands which are severe on weight limits. Zero backlash of robotic hand changer minimizes the vibration of electrode and prevents noise and friction. Highly reliable electrode prevents moment stops caused by communication error (no lead noise).

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