Our handling of COVID-19

KOSMEK Europe complies with all state-recommended measures.
The protection of employees and the general public comes first. – Nevertheless KOSMEK Europe remains 100% capable and 100% deliverable.

High Pressure Die Casting

KOSMEK expands its product portfolio for HPDC.

The worldwide patented “high-power-mechanism” is now also being used in hydraulic cylinders for applications where cycle time reduction is on the agenda of every production manager due to large production quantities. Depending on the requirement, we can offer cylinders that only exert high force to release the core at the beginning of the cycle and then complete the core pull stroke with highest possible speed.
Or we can offer cylinders that exert highest possible force to withstand casting pressure after full stroke. In any case, these KOSMEK cylinders are more compact, faster and stronger than those of competitors. – And inimitable thanks to patents.
This enables cycle times to be reduced by up to 3 seconds for existing molds and up to 5 seconds for new molds.